OSNI logoThe Owasso City Counsel will consider whether or not to renew the Owasso Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (OSNI).

View details for the March 5, 2013, meeting. Please arrive on time (6:30pm) to show your support for the program. The meeting should last approximately one hour. You do not need to speak, stand up, or even raise your hand. Simply showing up will show your support for the program’s renewal.

The OSNI program has provided Crescent Ridge with dozens of valuable interactions and events with the City, has proven to be a very resourceful program, and Jerry Fowler has shown his great passion for bringing the neighborhoods together and facilitating and encouraging their betterment.

The program is funded by the hotel tax so it is not an additional tax/cost to Owasso residents. The program was created with a “sunset date”, and the City Counsel is deciding whether or not to extend the program.

Please attend the March 5 meeting at 6:30pm to show your support for the OSNI program.
See the link above for the address.

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