Our HOA is legally known as Crescent Ridge Association, Inc., an Oklahoma not-for-profit corporation.

The developer, Rausch Coleman, released management of the HOA to the residents in the 4th Quarter of 2011.

HOA Management

Our Documents and Dues pages answer questions about bylaws, covenants, plat map, and payments.

Crescent Ridge’s Board of Directors consists of these positions, elected by the residents annually:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Director at Large

All Board Members must be HOA members (i.e. own at least 1 lot), and all Board Members have the same voting privileges (i.e. each Board Member only gets 1 vote and all votes are of equal weight).

To communicate with one or all of the Board Members, please use our Contact Form.

Location and Utilities

Our main entrance is located at 124th and Garnett. We’re within the City of Owasso‘s city limits, but we have Collinsville mailing addresses because the Collinsville Post Office handles our mail.

We are part of the Owasso Public School system. Our public elementary school is Ator Heights Elementary.

Our water is provided by Rural Water District #3 in Collinsville.

Electricity is provided by PSO Oklahoma.

Natural gas is provided by ONG.

Cable, phone, and internet services can be obtained from either Cox or AT&T. Both companies have fiber optic installed in our area.

City of Owasso

We’re proud citizens of the City of Owasso. Owasso is known as a friendly community and a strong retail hub serving surrounding areas.

Check out Owasso’s Community Information, the Owasso Events Calendar, and subscribe to the City of Owasso’s Newsletters.

Crescent Ridge is registered with the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI) and its Alert Neighborhood Program. We participate in the City-wide annual Block Party.

Owasso Crime Map (iPhone App)

Storm siren locations within Owasso City Limits

Contact Information for the City of Owasso