The Home Owners Association (HOA) dues are $225 for calendar year 2023, due by June 1, 2023. We no longer have PayPal.

As of January 2020, the Board has set a goal of decreasing dues $225 per year. This amount should provide us with stable finances for operating and investing in our community.

Past dues amounts were:

  • 2022: $225
  • 2021: $225
  • 2020: $225
  • 2019: $250
  • 2018: $235
  • 2017: $215
  • 2016: $215
  • 2015: $215
  • 2014: $215
  • 2013: $198
  • 2012: $198
  • 2011: $180

There are common reasons for dues increasing include:

  • Large percentage of unpaid dues from people who currently own homes in the neighborhood.
  • Negative impact from multi-year non-payers who ultimately filed bankruptcy, which leaves us receiving no payment. This is different from multi-year non-payers who sell to a private party because we can collect all the dues at the time of closing.

It is very important that all residents do their absolute best to become and stay current with their dues, again to mitigate dues increases.

If you have questions or need the mailing address for a paper check payment, please reference our Contact page. (Don’t forget about your bank’s Bill Pay option to have them mail a check for you.)

If necessary, we welcome requests for reasonable payment plan arrangements.