The Home Owners Association (HOA) dues are $215 for calendar year 2017, due by April 1, 2017.

Past dues amounts were:

  • 2011: $180
  • 2012: $198
  • 2013: $198
  • 2014: $215
  • 2015: $215
  • 2016: $215
  • 2017: $215

Common reasons for dues increasing include:

  • Large percentage of unpaid dues from people who currently own homes in the neighborhood.
  • Multi-year savings plan for capital projects (improvements and major maintenance), such as perimeter fencing, in an effort to mitigate the need for a future special assessment.
  • Inflation for major services, such as HOA management company, lawn care, liability and other insurances.

It is very important that all residents do their absolute best to become and stay current with their dues, again to mitigate dues increases.

If you have questions or need the mailing address for a paper check payment, please reference our Contact page. (Don’t forget about your bank’s Bill Pay option to have them mail a check for you.)

If necessary, we welcome requests for payment plan arrangements.